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Q) Which roles can be expected from a third party logistics in the commerce control list (CCL) e-commerce enterprise.

Third-party logistics that is abbreviated as 3pl can offer several roles that fall under the e-commerce initiatives of CCL. These third parties can provide support in the managing of CCL products placed in the warehouses and also can intercorporate in facilitating to the transportation service providers. The CCL have designed their transportation services in a manner that it always does cross docking of CCLinventory. While in such situations it has come to the knowledge that in logistic management and e-commerce the best and most appropriate mode of operation that requires to be implemented is dependent on the choice and selection of study companies that make their final decision considering several positive and negative aspects of it. Considering the evolvement in the business environment since the technology has taken it by storm the company CCL have also decided to transform its working and business towards the-commers. The CCL company can also decide to reveal the names of their supplier product in a way like they are introducing them as their third-party initiative in the market across the globe. The CCL company knows it now has become very important to have an effectible strategy of distribution towards the e-commerce intuitive so the weak and acute services can perform better under it. The CCL company management can consider two choices either to use the providing facilities of customer services by 3pl in their company or the CCL company will join hands with 3pl in maintaining their private carrier services. Whereas if both these plans get considered by the third party logistics 3pl and CCL e-commerce with all the conditions circulating around the best and most viable will be to have an alternatively private pool distribution strategy.

Several types of roles are played by 3pl in e-commerce in the beginnings of the closet concept with regards to ltd CCL. The 3pl are able to be non-segregatedly works for the CCL items in the storehouse with CCL providers of transportation services. The CCL inventory for the cross docking of designed transportation services of CCL. This case study will offer companies to select any choice that will appropriate the operational modes which are able to be applicable for e-commerce and logistical management. The supplier products and other businesses of CCL company will be launched for the e-commerce world widely. The most important step for a company is an efficient strategy for products distribution and also a number of services for an e-commerce starting step. There are two kinds of options available for the CCL company's management. The first option is applying 3pl for customer services and the second option is implying private carrier services. The 3pl logistics are more applicable as compared to the private carrier services.

Q2) considering both the advantages and disadvantages, why and which service of 3pl service providers will be most suitable for CCL e-commerce customers.

Closet concept ltd company flourishing day by day and increasing its services as a service provider for the home storage and wood shelf system. The leadership management team of CCL decided to use more of e-commerce strategy, it will help the company to distinguish from other competitors. The team of fulfilment analysis will provide the company with different methods that will be helpful, one of the best options is 3pl because it is able to provide all the options that are required by the company. In this case, 3pl is capable of providing more preferable inventory management and it will also be more cost-effective by using advanced technologies. Help will be given to 3pl for advancement in services and customers demand will also be accomplished. The main purpose of service is to accomplish the demands of the customer. In this case study, it will be discussed whether the customers who ask for the delivery of orders made by using e-commerce are fully satisfied or not. The cases listed below shows the demands of customers and how these demands will be completed.

1. Customers want complete information regarding their order information and shipment stage

2. A separate information service for customers of products and want payment on delivery until the CCL will take the liability

3. 3pl are the best service provider in logistic businesses

4. All over the country, 3pl is helping companies to make their services much more precious in all regions especially in the remote regions of the country.

5.From low cost to high cost areas, the services are appraised in different. The 3rd and 4th pl are able to provide services to the low areas of the country, so it will provide services in all areas, that is a core reason for the contract.

6.Most of the time customers want basic information with regards to service and the product. CCL should give the information delivery, product and prices of the product, it will help customer to order with personal preferences.

7.One of the main focuses of CCL is to control activities and customers order.

8.The services are cost-effective for the company by delivering with less time and truckload.

9.Another benefit is cost-effective with a truckload and delivery of product with less time.

10.This project will help in removing customers complaints of delaying delivery by increasing the shipping capability.

Q3. How Howard and Tatar should consider the use of Integrated 3PL?

With regards to several elements, the closet concept ltd has its own fast and smart distribution procedure that contains trucks and other freights. The company sometimes uses the other delivery companies for the partial delivery. It means, in some specific areas or when the order is by an individual or the order is really small closet concept ltd take service of the professional delivery service provider. The commercials, for example, DHL. When a company decides to offer online purchases to its customer it is not only for a selected area of the country but for the whole world or the country. A company may use a different method of delivering services. Some of the most commonly used delivery ways are online sales channels for example any online sale website. These websites or channels provide delivery services all over the world. The core objective of CCL is to provide products and services to the customers. CCL is a service provider. The closet concept ltd is unified operates on different services such as freight management, speciality services, freight movement and intermediary services. 3pl offer its partners new services that were not available previously due to low-cost services as the main focus of the company previously. Now the new services are consist of multi-factor transportation that will help the company to increase its customer services by offering new features of a wide range of choices and activities. The main focus of the company is now on the removal of all inconveniences that may be faced by the customer while ordering.

Q4.Should CCL decide to add installation services and what type of 3PL services are proposed?

It is stated in this case study that the installation service will be included in the transportation under the 3pl, in case the CCL company decided to. These services of closet concept ltd will be spread in different areas of the country by the 3pl. This new feature will be beneficial for both of the parties ( company and customers). CCL company is advancing its main objective of capability and the company also outsourcing its functions, but the business will not take outsources as the central consideration. The CCL will try to gain profits by flourishing its business in several horizons. The company is also paying attention to adding new items to its product line by developing creative new designs. A lot of new adjustments will be made in the company´s transportation and online services it will help the company in delivering products in remote regions. In this case, the closet concept ltd company hopes that third-party logistics is a good option that will help the company in the installation of the product to finish customer. With the support of 3rd party logistics, they expect to make a lot of betterments in transportation to provide broad coverage to the customers of remote and other regions.

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