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Q) Explain and discuss briefly the three kinds of terminals utilized by the trucking firm. Which terminal would be a better choice and how it will be decided with examples and how a company chose its truck terminal?

A truck terminal can better be described as the place where intermodal trailers, interstate trucks or any sort of loaded trucks get parked so the loaded goods, shipments and cargo can be unloaded from the containers that are carried on them. These trucks and containers are then further supposed to reach towards the local delivery pointsso they get carried out through the loaded railroad. The major role of such truck terminals is actually to provide the facility of loading and unloading the cargo from the truck they deal with on regular basis. The truck terminals are a sort of place where the cargo can be kept for a long or short time period and their types andefficiencies are dependent on such factors as how big a terminal is and how long a truck terminal can hold cargo in its place.

Three types of terminals

In further discussion on truck terminals, we can simply divide them into three types depending on the services provided by the truck terminals. These three types of truck terminals are consist of breakbulk, the relay terminal and the last pickup and delivery terminal. As discussed earlier the basic purpose of such truck terminals are to facilitate transferring, handling and transshipping cargo, freight services and sometimes passengers too. Therefore the type of terminal is dependent on its physical types like how big the terminal is and how much is the capacity and occupancy it has for holding cargo and the amount of labour, technological staff and management intensity they possess at the station.Such terminals are supposedly used by a number of cargo carriers like trucks and trailers to reorganize and transfer tracks to make sure that the provided service is correct and routed. Another must availablyservice at the truck terminal is it should be equipped with the docks so the truck and trailers can be loaded and unloaded easily.

1 for instant approach between the receiver and the shipper the situated terminals are called “the pickup and delivery terminals” such terminals provide direct contact between pickup and delivery party in the local area whereshipper and receiver working as well asterminal.

2 the breakbulk terminals are busy and heavily loaded with cargo to deal with. Such terminals handle a wide range of products that are different in size and weight from each other. One main factor that differentiates it from other terminals is these terminals deal with shipments and products that can not be fit in containers usually because of their physical aspect so products are packed in drums or another sort of modules and sometimes inan open truck to move it across the terminal to the destination.The dispersion also happens on breakbulk terminals.

3 the third type of truck terminal is "the relay terminal" as not as big breakbulk terminals that deal with a huge range of cargo. In the relay terminals, drivers get the facility of relief or rest at the terminals sometimes the drivers get changed at the terminal whereas it is not a necessary movement that happens on such terminals instead the same driver can also continue its journey with the same truck towards its destination. The facility of changing the load or dropping out some shipments and cargo on the terminal is also available on this sort of relay terminal.

All these types of truck terminals are different and unique from each other depending on the type of service, facility and working they are providing at the station.

Choosing a truck terminal for a company

For choosing a truck service, the companies do a brief study and analysis of available truck service providers in their targeted area. Several aspects are considered such as the time of delivery as well as the cost of it and the type of the product. The location of the terminal makes a heavy impact while deciding on choosing a truck terminal. Companies usually prefer the terminals that come in the centre or near to their more targeted marketers. So, if they have to send a limited number of products to a certain area they still would prefer to send a full cargo that can share the cargo on the terminal with other trucks thatare expected to go towards the other destination. By making such tricky and sharp decisions companies do make their possible low profits to big profits.

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